Innes Ruins

One of the most historic sites in Australia has been brought to life. Stepping back in real time, VUITNOW allows users to explore and interact with every aspect of the Lake Innes site. The incredible modelling detail can be viewed on computer, iPad or smartphone – you can not only walk around, but also gain valuable insight into the history – how the site looks today, the life experiences, historic characters and atmosphere. We have even built the model to show how the house would have looked in its prime. The Innes Ruins app and website was produced on behalf of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Innes House was built by Major Archibald Clunes Innes, an influential settler in what was to become New South Wales. This estate, fundamental to the colonisation of Australia in the nineteenth century, is steeped in history and our app has made the Innes Ruins accessible to anyone across the globe.

  • Client: New South Wales National Park