Wagstaffs Virtual Reality

PropTech pioneers in 5G multi-player VR

Leading the VR and 5G revolution at The City Centre in Central London.

Human scale multi-player VR: the new consultation tool for the City of London.

Accurate Visual Representations, CGIs and animations are all used to visualise new developments for planning consultations and applications – but how do we truly get a feel for it as a pedestrian walking down a street? What does it feel like to look up and see a new tower? And how will you interact with other people in the street?

Human scale multi-player VR has been long used by gamers – the ultimate interface into the digital world. Now Wagstaffs and the City of London have harnessed this technology in a VR suite in The City Centre to show how multiple people can interact with each other and understand the impact of future development… together.

We have created a multi-player VR experience allowing users to have a shared experience in the City Centre’s purpose built VR suite. Our multi-user system creates a shared virtual world in which users intuitively and naturally collaborate just as if they were at that physical location – and as we are in the City of London, you can take walk down Bishopsgate in our VU.CITY model.

In collaboration with VU.CITY and King’s College London Informatics department we have also built several high speed data layers within VU.CITY. These layers visualise live twitter information and cryptocurrency transactions as well as display smart-camera feeds from within the City of London. Wagstaffs adaptation of VU.CITY allows it to be streamed live in Ultra High Definition direct  into The City Centre utilising state of the art 5G mobile networking technologies.