Wagstaffs appointed to London Mayor’s new £35 million Architecture and Urbanism framework

Wagstaffs has just been announced as one of the London Mayor’s new £35 million Architecture and Urbanism framework providers – for our 3D visualisation and modelling expertise. As founders and creators of VU.CITY we have access to the largest and most accurate city model in the world. Our 500 sqkm model of London provides the key to unlocking how we address the evolution of our city.


VU.CITY provides the best starting point for Wagstaffs to deliver high quality CGIs, animations and realtime visualisations accurately and efficiently.

Not limited to new buildings, our suite of 3D visualisation tools help to demonstrate macro city-wide infrastructure and masterplanning changes. We have modelled, animated and created interactive presentations to show entire transport systems, through to demonstrating viability of new developments and reconfigured town centres. From appraisal through to sales, we produce 3D visualisations that can be used throughout the planning, consultation and marketing process.

We are looking forward to a busy four years ahead as we help GLA, TfL and the practices on the framework as they seek to deliver over 100 affordable residential developments planned for TfL’s estate across the capital, as well as many other great projects.