Wagstaffs EG Tech Award

EG Tech Award Winners!

We added to our trophy cabinet this week, picking up the Infrastructure and Construction Tech Award at the inaugural EG Tech Awards.

As founders and developers of VU.CITY, Wagstaffs has access to the largest, most accurate city model in the world. Our 700 sq km model of London provides the key to unlocking how we address the evolution of our city.

VU.CITY is a completely customisable digital platform. It provides the best starting point for Wagstaffs to deliver high quality CGIs, animations and realtime visualisations accurately and efficiently. We can visually overlay bespoke data sets that bring all of the elements of the Initial Visual Impact Assessment together.

Within this application, we integrate data layers, from VSC and ADF levels to VISSIM traffic modelling and Legion pedestrian modelling, creating a single visual platform for use in stakeholder engagement and dialogues between developers and the local authority.

Congratulations to the whole team – VU.CITY, GIA and Wagstaffs!