We have worked with residential developer Spenhill for a number of years. The residential development arm of Tesco has a commitment to deliver hundreds of new homes over the next few years.

Having worked with Spenhill to rebrand in order for the developer to take its place on the consumer stage and compete with other developers across the UK, we worked with them on their most ambitious project yet – to create a responsive sales website with a customer relationship management tool, to be used by all of their sales agents, allowing detailed reporting across individual and multiple developments.

All potential buyers register their interest through the Spenhill website, whether this be directly or via links through microsites, enabling the client to have complete control over the brand and the data they are collecting. 

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Steve Akeju” company=”Spenhill / Tesco Stores Ltd”]‘Wagstaffs is a highly creative design and communications agency. They always give me focused, relevant and professional advice. In particular the work that we are currently doing in terms of branding and positioning Spenhill (the development subsidiary of Tesco) and delivering a website that will promote and sell residential and commercial property across the UK, has been fantastic. At every stage, Wagstaffs have questioned the brief and given sound advice on the best way forward.’
  • Client: Tesco Stores Limited