3D stakeholder engagement at Affinity Sutton consultation

Our digital interactive 3D tool, VUITNOW, is being used to support Affinity Sutton, one of the UK’s leading affordable housing providers, in their community stakeholder engagement about their redevelopment proposals for the Sutton Estate in Chelsea.

To date, this has included interactive application on a touchtable to show the existing and proposed development, alongside an animation of the proposals, allowing the user the freedom to look around in real time.

As part of the exhibition, our interactive touchtable has helped residents and the wider public understand how the development could look.

We are currently working with the team at Affinity Sutton to show how the proposals are developing, ready to be shown at the next consultation event later this year.


Wagstaffs Design delivers results-orientated communication tools for companies working in the built environment. We have developed VUITNOW, an interactive 3D communications tool and mobile marketing App, allowing users to explore every aspect of a development.  It is being successfully used to support design, planning, sales and marketing strategies for retail, mixed-use, commercial, and residential developments worldwide.