Wagstaffs Google Cardboard for Camden Courtyards

The VU: Mobile 360 Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever wanted to showcase your new residential, commercial or mixed use development to clients in the comfort of their own office or home, this is a quick and easy way of getting your content out there.

Mobile 360 VR is a video format that gives you a sense of depth in every direction.  We have made it as simple as it can be – with wifi and You Tube, your smartphone becomes the Virtual Reality device.
And for one of our latest project, at Barratt London’s Camden Courtyards, we created branded Google Cardboard giveaways that enabled us to offer a fully immersive experience for potential buyers.


Goodbye fly through. Take a look around.
For a quote, please contact Ceri Evans ceri@wagstaffsdesign.co.uk