VU.CITY helps developments through planning process

Last week, Jason Hawthorne, explained to property professionals in Manchester how VU.CITY, our highly accurate, interactive 3D model of Manchester is helping change the design, planning and development process in the city.

The half-day proptech briefing delivered by Place North West and Virgin Media Business, looked at the importance of connectivity, the changing tech landscape and how property companies could futureproof their buildings and make the most of an era of rapid tech innovation.

Highlights from Jason’s talk included:

  • VU.CITY 3D digital model, made in partnership with right-to-light specialist GIA, can help developments navigate the planning process as its puts a building in its relevant context
  • Using flyovers of cities such as London, or more recently Manchester, the model is built through photogrammetry to ensure it’s accurate to within 5cm
  • Buildings can be added into the model as they’re proposed and viewers can move through a timeline to see the cumulative impact of development
  • VU.CITY includes elements such as sunlight, protected views, noise impact, and how windows interrelate
  • “It’s the physical world made digital”, Hawthorne said